Our Story

Inspiring Change for our Community

Every item that comes into our boutique has a story. It’s written in the worn bits, the tiny imperfections, the quirks and the heritage it holds. It’s this story that makes each piece beautiful, adored and cherished in its own way; it’s what makes someone see it and think ‘I love it’.

Our pieces are proof that there’s always a second chance, there’s no such thing as perfect, and that even though things may change, there’s still always, always beauty to be found.

Each of us has our own story too, and while for many of us that story may be shaped by challenges, it doesn’t have to be defined by them.

Sharing these stories builds community - and hope. The Collective exists to not only provide a more conscious way to shop, but also to create space and provide support to those who have their own story to share. It is a place for authentic conversations, meaningful connections and vulnerable reflections that inspire positive change.

Through our compassionate and positive team, we build bonds, share experiences and reduce stigma around mental health. Our hope is that by breathing life back into preloved furniture and fashion, we can help nurture a brighter future for our community, too. As we disrupt the cycle of fast-consumerism, we can disrupt harmful silence and mindsets. And as we reduce harm to our vulnerable planet, we can also help reduce the impact of mental health in our families, our communities and in Aotearoa.

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