How to Donate Your Secondhand Goods for Mental Health

If it’s time for a clear out, you’ve had an online shopping fail, or you’d love to see your item loved by someone else, consider donating your quality pre-loved furniture, garments and home decors to The Collective.

Keeping your no-longer-needed goods in circulation supports a more conscious choice of consumerism, while keeping waste out of landfills and lowering demand on resources that go into producing new items. Your items will also keep on giving - we pass on 50% of the profit from donated secondhand items to The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. We make it easy with FREE furniture pick up!

Collect for The Collective
Get the crew or the colleagues together and help create change by supporting a clothing collection drive. We have everything you need to promote it and the boxes for collection - all you need to do is fill them!

What can we take?
If it’s something you’d happily give to a friend, then it’s likely something we’d happily sell! Our customers love designer, high street and vintage fashion, as well as stylish home decor and unique furniture. While pieces don’t need to be perfect and our team loves to restore new life into tired furniture, please don’t be offended if we’re unable to take your item due to limited space, suitability or resource!

How to donate
Visit us here at the store to drop off your clothing and home decor donations - you might find some treasures to take home yourself! We’ll also happily pick up suitable furniture for free - just get in touch with us to arrange a time.