Our Mission

Our vision 

To inspire happier, healthier communities built on a strong foundation of mental wellbeing.


Mental health & wellbeing lives in us all - that’s just the nature of being human.

But by being raw, open and compassionate, we not only find joy, we spark it in others. 

We’re ridiculously passionate about helping people find that spark through sharing experiences and normalising mental health.

We do this by putting love back into unique and beautiful preloved clothing and furniture that supports the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. Yet we’re so much more than this: We provide a much-needed platform for authentic conversations, connections and personal reflections that inspire positive change.

Our values

Keep it real

We grow and inspire others through being vulnerable and honest. We feel safe to express ourselves freely and unafraid to talk about things that matter.

Think sustainably

We’re here to build a better and brighter future that lasts longer than we will by breathing life back into furniture and fashion and love back into people. 

Challenge attitudes

We rethink the mindsets we grew up believing that are harmful to ourselves and others. We’re compassionate, accepting and driven by people and positivity.


We get how nourishing a meaningful connection can be. We nurture these from every corner of our community and take pride in watching them grow.

Share experiences

We each have a special story to tell. We build bonds and create a sense of community by sharing those stories to normalise mental wellbeing and inspire positive change.


Louise Clark

Louise Clark – Founder, The Collective